Travel Tips

1. What’s the Weather like on the Island?

Thanda Island offers beautiful, warm, tropical weather. Rain showers are mostly short, followed by sunshine, bringing a wonderful renewal and freshness to the environment.

Here is a short weather guide for you:
June to October: Beautiful weather; it’s hot and humid with short rain showers and plenty of sunshine. The perfect season to spend at a luxury, private resort.
July to mid-September: This is the time of the south-easterly Kusi trade winds.
November: The weather is mostly good with short rain showers (known as ‘vuli’).
December to March: Beautiful weather with short rain showers and the north-easterly Kaskazi trade winds.
April to May: An increase in rainfall with many sunny days between the rains.

Temperatures are wonderfully warm, rather than exessively hot, even though Thanda Island is in the tropics. The temperature ranges from 27 to 31°C. The water temperature ranges from 27 to 29°C.

Thanda Island has a tropical climate with approximately 1,800mm of rain each year, divided into two specific rain seasons: the “long” rains in late April to May and the “short” rains in November.

Thanda Island lies across the trade winds and experiences the northeast (Kaskazi) and southeast (Kusi) trade wind seasons. The Kaskazi usually starts at the end of November and lasts into February. The Kusi is from early July through to mid-September.

2. What happens if I have an emergency?

Thanda Island has comprehensive security, first aid and evacuation measures for any emergency.

3. What vaccines or health precautions are needed?

Yellow fever vaccine is no longer compulsory for Tanzania. However, we advise you to consult your doctor, health department or travel clinic for the latest health precautions.

We have had no cases of malaria on Thanda Island. However, please be advised by your doctor or health department about the appropriate medication.

4. Is a visa required?

Most nationalities can obtain a tourist visa for Tanzania can be obtained at any point of entry in the country upon arrival. Still, it is advisable to check with the relevant authorities before travelling. Payment of US $50.00 is required for the visa, and it must be paid in cash.

We recommend that you get your visa from the Tanzanian Embassy in your home country before travelling because the visa queues at Dar es Salaam airport can be very long.

5. Are there any dangerous animals on the Island?

Thanda Island does not have any animals that could harm people.


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