Restore your vital force

Many of us find it difficult to relax, but the beauty of Thanda Island is that it does it all for you. You’ll find yourself spontaneously relaxing while you restore our vital force in a serene but adventure-filled environment where time dissolves. The Island invites you to enjoy simple, exquisite pleasures - strolling along your own private 1,1km beach or exploring the 8ha Island where the only sign of human habitation is the occasional, traditional fishing dhow in the distance. To enhance your wellness you can participate in yoga and meditation sessions in our beautiful outdoor sala overlooking the ocean, and we offer a special spa experience, including signature massages, facials and body treatments with an exquisite range of non-allergic products.

Spa Sensation

Our massage specialists have created a suite of special Thanda Island massages, facials and body treatments that can be booked according to your needs. The therapists are brought in from nearby Mafia Island or from Dar es Salaam. They use an exquisite range of non-allergic products to pamper your body to the full. Bearing in mind the absolute privacy you enjoy on the Island, your treatments can be done on the beach, in the privacy of your suite, wherever you choose. The Island's amenities are provided by Healing Earth, market leaders in holistic African beauty and wellness care.

Yoga, Meditation & Reiki

Your personal wellness specialist will guide you into a deeper sense of relaxation and aliveness during your stay at Thanda. They will support you in finding your solutions to many stress-related problems you may be facing. Through a blend of different techniques, they will help you to release tension, manage stress, have more fun, enhance your mental strength, emotional resilience and physical fitness so you can fully discover yourself and explore life to the fullest. There is no better place to connect to your deeper self than on your own peaceful Thanda Island.


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