Dining Island-Style

Thanda Island’s cuisine is fresh, delicious and customised to your palate. Our chefs will contact you ahead of your visit to discuss the menu of your choice and to find out if you have any specific dietary requirements or allergies. Our menu includes ocean-fresh fish and seafood, vegan and vegetarian dishes, beef, game and poultry, crisp seasonal vegetables and tropical fruits, and a choice of divine desserts. From breakfasts on the beach to romantic dinners and bonfires to picnics on a sandbank in the ocean or on a neighbouring island - whatever you desire, we’ll deliver. Depending on the weather, you can choose to have your meals indoors or al fresco. At night, because there is no light pollution on Thanda Island, you'll be dining under a canopy of stars.

Everything is fresh

Our chefs set a high value on healthy food. Every meal they prepare is fresh, from herbs freshly picked from the Island herb garden to papayas, coconuts, watermelons and pineapples. They make their own coconut milk for the curries, and they handmake the ice cream, sorbet, yoghurt and muesli.

Fish and Seafood Paradise

If you enjoy fish and seafood, this is paradise and our chefs are fish and seafood masters: the menu includes fish cooked to perfection, fish carpaccio, sashimi, sushi, prawn curries, lobsters freshly caught off Mafia Island, mangrove crabs, tuna, red snappers and a choice of other sea-fresh fish, daily caught by you or our team, as well as seasonal oysters freshly-picked from Thanda Island.

Thanda Island Pizza

Pizza-making on Thanda Island is part of the entertainment and everyone gets involved at the alfresco dining area, where there is a traditional hand-built Italian pizza oven. Here you can help to make the pizzas with a choice of delicious ingredients, including flour from Italy, delicious cheeses, original prosciutto di parma, cured hams and meats, artichokes, fresh tomatoes and fresh herbs from the island herb garden.

Swahili Feasts & Arabian nights

Guests can experience a Swahili feast, dedicated to the flavours and aromas of Tanzania, tickled with spices from Zanzibar. Swahili curries, rice dishes, grills, local deserts, chai and more. Guests are seduced by East African cusine. Ancient Arabian culture is infused in East Africa and we offer our guests an exotic experience of Arabian nights with a themed evening of indulgence, with chiffon drapes, incense, Afghan rugs, low tables, Arabian music and culinary delights to evoke all your senses.


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