Our community engagement

The Thanda Island team is participating in a range of social upliftment programmes on Mafia Island, which has approximately 60 000 people. The closest community village on Mafia Island is Ras Mbisi, eight nautical miles from Thanda Island, and we are committed to the education of young people concerning sustainable resource utilisation and fish harvesting, as well as education in marine conservation and the development of healthy sporting activities, such as football.

Coastal communities

One of our community partners, Sea Sense, works closely with coastal communities in Tanzania to conserve and protect endangered marine species. Through training, education and employment, many coastal communities are now participating in marine conservation initiatives. Thanda recently provided sponsorship to the local hospital for the purchase of much-needed medical supplies.


Community upliftment is part of Thanda's DNA, and we will be as engaged with Tanzania’s people, as we are with the Zulu people in the communities neighbouring our other property, Thanda Safari, in Northern Zululand, South Africa.


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