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To the entire Thanda Family,

In line with an announcement made by me yesterday concerning Thanda Safari operating in Zululand, South Africa, Thanda Island operating within the Shungimbili Island Marine Reserve, in the District of Mafia Island in Tanzania, has also closed its doors as a result of global travel restrictions and lockdowns. Tanzania announced on the 23rd of March 2020 that it was implementing additional measures to limit the spread of the COVID-19 Virus to the general population and that all foreign travellers or residents arriving from COVID-19 most affected countries will be subjected to mandatory isolation for 14 days. Thanda Tanzania fully supports these measures announced by the Tanzanian Government. Although control measures are not as severe as in South Africa, in order to support the Government’s prevention initiative, all returning staff from leave will be in mandatory isolation, whilst remaining staff already on the Island will be attending to maintenance and improvement during what is regarded as the rainy season, as well as coming up with creative ways to share with all of us what life on Thanda Island is like in isolation.

At this time, no one really knows how long these travel restrictions will be in force for, and as the infection rate in many countries is still on the rise, which sadly results in more deaths devastating families and communities around the world, we know only too well that the next few weeks will be absolutely crucial for all of these respective measures and interventions to take effect in order to slow down the rate of infection, so that our health care workers and facilities are able to cope with the pandemic and eventually beat it. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to everyone in our network that is affected by this virus, and we hope and pray that everyone will be safe, remain in good health and be able to return to normality as soon as practically possible.

The team on the Island have sent me images of what the beach and ocean look like today, how fish are swimming and enjoying the coral reef, all of which makes me realise that life carries on regardless, away from globalisation, built-up areas and electronic jam, and that nature in some parts of the world is totally at peace and in sync with its environment, unaffected by the pain, turmoil and madness that is gripping and paralysing parts of the world. Our creative and passionate staff want to make use of this opportunity to showcase the world their daily life on our exclusive-use, 5-hectare Island, surrounded by the most beautiful coral reef and fish nursery within a protected marine reserve, and to take you on a tour of adventure and exploration as they indulge you on what makes this destination so remarkably uncommon and special by sharing images and stories on social media.

Although there is much sadness and fear in the world right now, coupled with anticipated economic devastation if countries are unable to contain this virus in the near future, we must not lose sight of the fact that this crisis will blow over, that we will get through this and life will return to a perhaps a new normal… And when it does, the Thanda Island team will be waiting with rejuvenated energy and inspiration to Thandarise you and make you feel that you truly are in paradise when you are able to travel and visit them on Thanda Island.

Asante sana.

Warm regards,


Pierre Managing Director


Thanda Island started with a dream to find a small, remote, uninhabited Tropical Island off the coast of East Africa. Today, it is one of the world’s most exclusive island getaways, a paradise for you to enjoy in complete privacy with family and friends. A secluded island with a single luxurious villa and two traditional bandas (beach chalets) in the Indian Ocean, off the east coast of Tanzania. Situated in your own marine reserve, you can swim with the gentlest giant of the ocean, the whale shark, and watch sea turtles nesting. Here, you can rest, rejuvenate and enjoy adventure sports in a world where shades of turquoise infuse your days and tropical spices your nights.


The Thanda Island Villa is a discreet, luxurious retreat creating the ultimate island living experience. As you step off the helicopter or boat, the luxury villa is right there, exclusively yours to enjoy. It’s your home, with a paradise-inspired living area and five exquisite bedroom suites that lead directly onto the beach. On the other side of the Island, the additional Bandas or Beach Chalets, also for your exclusive use, are built on the warm silken sands and offer a very traditional Tanzanian experience.


Infuse your being with the warmth of the sunshine, the glitter on the water and the character of the people. Swim with the gentle whale shark; dive in the largest marine protected reserve in the Indian Ocean; ride the trade winds on a traditional Arab dhow; explore the region in our 1930s classic cruise yacht; indulge in a Swahili or Arabian feast; have a massage or copper bath on the beach.


Thanda Island is more than just an incredible destination - it is also highly active in several conservation and community initiatives. We partner with the Tanzanian Marine Parks and a leading NGO, Sea Sense, on a range of marine conservation and education programmes in the region. Our philosophy is underpinned by a sincere commitment to the Tanzanian people, and the Thanda team is participating in a range of social empowerment programmes on nearby Mafia Island.

Location & Access

Thanda Island is located in the Shungimbili Island Marine Reserve, between the mainland of Tanzania and Mafia Island. To get to Thanda Island, international guests fly directly into Dar es Salaam, where the Thanda Island team will meet you and accompany you through customs, ensuring a smooth, quick entry into this beautiful country. From Dar es Salaam, you can either go directly to the Island by helicopter, or fly to Mafia Island by fixed-wing plane, from where you can reach the Island by boat.




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